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DJ Don Juan DJ Don Juan DJDonJuan began as a theater teacher and karaoke host over 20 years ago. He has since developed into one of the top DJ's for private events in San Diego County. Ten years ago he switched from cd's to all digital equipment, five years ago he began to offer music videos as part of his packages and today he continue to innovate and utilize the latest digital programs and mixing consoles to offer a crisp sound that only the best equipment can provide.

He is adept at playing any genre including, but not limited to: 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, rap, hip-hop, r&b and old school rap, top 40 and techno.

He updates his library bi-weekly and has all the hard to find remixes and mashups which helps make him one of the most popular private dj's in San Diego. He has a keen knack of sensing what the party needs and "feeding the room" just the right dose of music.

DjDonJuan is friendly and accommodating to any and all ages. He utilizes his theater degree to really amp up the crowd when needed or lay back and let the vibe flow.